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Summer Hairstyles

Do you ever wonder where you can get the best advice on summer hairstyles, fashion trends, travel ideas? Journey with us through our Sojourn blogs as we discuss things that people are trying to find answers to. It is amazing the conversations I overhear at an airport; and how many times the conversation I am overhearing has to do with fashion, hair and travel. Our goal with this blog is to offer reasonable advice for everyday challenges. If you have the questions, we have the answers!

First up…. It’s that time of year; travel time, fun in the sun, prepare for summer heat. We have some tips to help you prepare.

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It All Comes Down To PH

It All Comes Down to pH

Jasmine Garnsworthy recommends Sojourn in an article on explaining why it all comes down to pH. As the owner of ultrafine locks, I rotate between two hairstyles: Flat and limp, or dry and frizzy. I carry travel-sized dry shampoo in…

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