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Summer Hairstyles

Do you ever wonder where you can get the best advice on summer hairstyles, fashion trends, travel ideas? Journey with us through our Sojourn blogs as we discuss things that people are trying to find answers to. It is amazing the conversations I overhear at an airport; and how many times the conversation I am overhearing has to do with fashion, hair and travel. Our goal with this blog is to offer reasonable advice for everyday challenges. If you have the questions, we have the answers!

First up…. It’s that time of year; travel time, fun in the sun, prepare for summer heat. We have some tips to help you prepare.


As we move through life we are taught all kinds of ways to protect our selves. Riding a bike, wear a helmet; in a car, wear a seatbelt; roller blading, wear kneepads; sex, well you know (hopefully you didn’t learn the hard way)…. Spending time in the sun, wear sun screen! BUT it isn’t just your skin that needs protection from the sun. Protect you hair and scalp too; UV rays can oxidize your color causing it to fade or lighten. And no one wants a sunburned scalp, sun burns peel and dead skin falling out of your hair isn’t a look that will ever be appealing. We recommend Sojourn Thermal Protection Spray, not only will it protect your hair against thermal styling the added UV protection in this product will protect your summer hairstyle and scalp from the harmful effects of the sun as well. Sojourn Firm Hold Working Spray is another great product to protect against those UV rays. This working spray is a great final touch to any style, finish your style with this product of all day workable hold and sun protection.


In the heat it’s nice to keep that mid-length to long hair up and off your neck. Here are a couple of quick and cute ideas to toss your summer hairstyle up and look fabulous.

It’s not just a head band:

Headbands are the perfect accessory for summer hairstyles.Use a normal elastic head band or use one with decorative bling. But before you begin this summer hairstyle we recommend emulsifying a dime size of Sojourn Texture Style Balm through your hands and run it through your hair, midshaft through the ends. Place the head band around your head, forehead around and just under the occipital; take one inch sections of the hair hanging below the head band and twist it up, over and under the band from behind your ears through the back. This headband tuck is cute, quick and stylish.

The simple pony tail tuck:

This tuck can go both ways. Simply put your hair in a pony tail, low or high. Apply a small amount of Sojourn Texture Soft Wax at the base of the ponytail and trough the ends. Make a split in your hair between the band and your head, simply tuck the pony through the slit either over the top, for a rolled ponytail or from underneath (this creates a prominent pony). Cute, quick and stylish.

Remember with Sojourn products, shampoo for the hair you have, condition for the hair you want.

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