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What to consider when going from long to short hair

What to consider when going from long to short hair

The beauty of a salon is it’s one place you can go in and come out feeling like a different person!

While getting a new, chic hairstyle won’t change your reality – work, bills, family will still be there after your appointment – it does change your attitude toward everything.

With the heat turned up and summer starting, is it time to bid farewell to those long locks? One of our Sojourners did just that, cutting off about 10 inches of hair, changing out the hassle of Rapunzel in favor of a shoulder-length A-line bob cut.

“I was tired of the long hair,” she said. “I really needed to let it go for a while.”

But now what?

Everything is different, from the time taken in the shower shampooing and conditioning to the styling process. Gone are the French braids or high pony tail. In are showing off natural curls and waves, or spending less time with a straightener in the morning. A perfect product to help show off those natural waves and give you the beach look is Sojourn Texture Spray and Sojourn Texture Root Lift.

Sojourn Texture Spray is great for straight or curls. It tames frizz and imparts shine  without the heaviness associated with other shine products. Best of all (for those of us trying to save time in the morning), it can be used on wet or dry hair!

Sojourn Texture Root Lift pumps up fine, limp hair and helps style with your favorite hot tools.

These Sojourn Texture products are essential for the freshly cut short hairstyles.

Shorter hair styles can take more thought and work than longer ones. With long hair, you can easily toss it in a messy bun and walk out the door to work or play. With less weight on your locks, you may discover some natural waves or find more fly-aways than before.

Sojourn Serum Smooth to the rescue! This weightless smoothing serum erases fly-aways and frizzes, giving maximum shine and protection to any style for a perfectly polished and finished look.

If you’re an athletic type, and you find your short style is too short for a pony tail, but too long to exercise comfortably – who wants hair sticking to your neck? – opt for a headband to lift your locks off your skin while you sweat. (Bonus: Because Sojourn is so gentle on your hair, you can wash every day without drying it out!)

Hair will grow back, and if you really don’t like your new look, with time, you will have your long tresses back – in fact, if your current hair style is your trademark and defines you, be sure to speak honestly with your stylist before going short. Be sure to load up on Sojourn Moisture shampoo and conditioning, which nourishes your hair as you grow it back out.

Sojourn’s exclusive blend of Keratin Cashmere and Cystine penetrates essential amino acid nutrients deep into the hair’s cuticle to maximize hydration and restore the hair’s luster. Our low pH – 4.5-5.5 – aids in closing the cuticle to restructure chemical bonds and return hair to its natural state for clean, beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair.

The Sojourn Beauty Team

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