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Heat Styling and Hair, How Hot is Too Hot?

When is comes to heat styling and your hair, how hot is too hot?

Heat Styling

All styling tools bring heat but when it comes to heat styling and hair, how hot is too hot? Blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons are all tools used to style and change the structure of your hair. You can make straight hair curly or curly hair straight. Have you ever wondered how heat can change the structure of your hair?  Hair is made up of many layers, when you put heat to your hair the hydrogen bonds are broken down and temporarily reformed to the shape you create with your hot tool.

Do you use a hair-dryer, flat iron, curling iron, styling wand? If so, chances are the temperature on all of your styling tools is set at higher temperatures than your hair can withstand; using these tools on a regular basis can do damage to your hair.  Think of hair similar to your skin, if you touch a hot curling iron to your skin it will burn you. The only reason you can withstand that heat on your hair is that your hair doesn’t feel. But damage is being done! Most curling irons and flat irons have temperature settings that range from 125 – 425 degrees Fahrenheit. No hair should ever be subjected to heat of 400 degrees or above; unless a licensed professional is doing a special service that requires those temperature. And the finer your hair, the lower your temperature should be.

What damage can heat do?

Heat on hair can crack the cuticle layer of your hair, which is the outer protective layer, designed to shield harmful elements from breaking through to the cortex. Heat can break that protective layer and over time can even damage the inner layer all the way to the cortex; causing dull, dry hair and in extreme situations weak spots and even breakage. Breakage happens when the hair has been worn down by too much thermal styling and chemical services and  it literally breaks off at the weakest point on the hair strand. Heat styling can also deplete your hair of its much need moisture, leaving it dull and lifeless.

How to protect your hair when heat styling

There are ways to protect your hair against heat. Similar to skin needing protection from the sun, your hair needs protection from heat! There are a lot of products on the market claiming to protect your hair against heat, but not all of them can live up to the task.  When looking for the best product to use as a thermal protection on your hair there are a few things to look for:

  • Does it lock in moisture
  • Is it alcohol free
  • Does it help build strength in your hair
  • Does it protect the hair against UV rays
  • Does it build up on the hair or hot tools over time (no one wants this)
  • Does it enhance shine

Sojourn Thermal Protect Spray is specially formulated to not only protect your hair from styling with hot tools, it also helps to seal in moisture, preventing your hair from becoming dry with heat styling. Thermal protect spray can be sprayed in to the hair while wet or after drying. Make sure to evenly distribute this product by combing it through the hair to ensure all hair strands are protected. This product has built in UV inhibitors to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun. And is alcohol free! 

Special ingredients

With buriti oil extracts you can be confident the thermal protect spray is strengthening and protecting your hair. There is no build up on your hair or on your hot tools with this product; it is pure and water soluble. Filled with nutrients that repair and protect your hair and free from ingredients that may be harmful to you or the environment.


Sojourn Thermal Protect Spray has a slight coconut scent, while it does not intervene with any fragrance you might wear. This product is one of our leading sellers because it is so easy to use and works on ALL hair types, from fine to thick coarse hair, this is the perfect product to protect your hair against heat.

Testimonial by : Lu – I hadn’t purchased this in so long that I forgot how well it works. I like it because it moisturizes and protects the hair while heat styling (blowdrying and flat ironing). I love the scent, it reminds me of something with notes of fruits and a subtle sweetness. I don’t find it overpowering. I’ve used other brands of thermal protection but for me this is the best. There is less hair shedding and breakage compared to the other brands I’ve used in the past. Even though this thermal protection is a little pricey, I’m still very happy with my purchase and I’m going to stick with Sojourn in the future.

Slight coconut scent; easy to use, for ALL hair types, men and women, Salon preferred best choice.

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