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Best Shampoo for Cold Cap Therapy

Cold Cap Therapy is fast becoming a highly recommended treatment to help prevent hair loss during Chemotherapy. Sojourn has been rated as the best shampoo to use during Cold cap Therapy. You may have read my blog “Find Options to Protect Your Hair During Chemotherapy”

Since my initial blog went live sojourn has had people receiving Cold Cap Therapy contacting us from around the world. I want to share a very moving story from one of our customers who reached out to us and was kind enough to include sojourn in her journey receiving Cold Cap Therapy.

Cindy with her children, pre chemo.

Cindy Klinger lives in Western Australia; after being diagnosed with breast cancer she started doing research  on many things and one area in particular was what she could do to keep her hair during Chemotherapy. After learning about Cold Cap Therapy she started perusing the wonderful world wide web and came across my blog about protecting your hair during chemotherapy. Some people may ask, “why worry about hair loss”? Cindy shared with me; why it was so important for her to try and keep her hair during treatment.

“I have 3 young children (7, 6 and 17 months) so keeping my hair & appearance ‘normal’ for them & myself is really important. If I at least can look well & not sick then I’ll do whatever I can!”
Cindy had been suffering from back pain for some time and chalked it up to managing her life with 3 children. However, after a doctors appointment  she found out she had breast cancer that had traveled to her spine.
It was very important to Cindy to minimize any worry her children may have during her battle with cancer. I am sure this resonates with many people. It can be scary for young children to watch their parent’s appearance change so drastically while they undergo chemotherapy.
This is Cindy and her beautiful family, two weeks after chemo.

Cindy was kind enough to stay in touch with us and keep us informed on her progress. Her positive outlook, determination and perseverance paid off.  What was her routine?
First lets talk about how cold cap therapy works. Our friends at DIGNICAP say it best:
The DigniCap® system consists of a snug-fitting silicone cooling cap connected to a cooling and control unit. Coolant circulates through channels in the cap. Sensors in the cap monitor scalp temperature allowing the system to automatically regulate cooling temperature throughout the treatment. To make this process more comfortable, the cooling cap is at room temperature when placed on the head and the treatment temperature is gradually achieved over a short period of time.
A separate safety sensor in the cap ensures that the temperature never drops below the freezing point of 32°F (0°C). To ensure optimal treatment temperature, an outer insulating cap of neoprene is applied over the silicone cap.
Cindy underwent Cold Cap Therapy during her chemo treatments.

An article was published in the Perth Now Sunday Times featuring Cindy and her story. She has since become an advocate for cold cap therapy and sojourn hair care products. We have the utmost compassion for the effects cancer has on people fighting the battle as well as families and friends. Knowing our products are proven to be the perfect choice for patients receiving cold cap therapy makes us very proud.

This is Cindy and her daughter, two months after chemo.

We work very closely with an organization who brings awareness and resources to those looking to receive cold cap therapy ‘The Repunzel Project’.  And we recommend DIGNICAP – an Intelligent Cool Cap Therapy System.
We look forward to spreading the word and bringing awareness to this wonderful treatment. At a time when there are so many things to worry about while battling cancer; it’s nice to know there is a treatment that can take the stress of hair loss off the table.
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