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Women Owned

Women Owned Business

There are a lot of women owned salons and I would like to recognize some of the industry leaders that happen to be women who are making an impact on the lives of many. Metro Salon 777 is women owned and her story is inspiring.

On The Rise

Women owned business has been prominent for many years and in my opinion, not enough recognition is given to these hard working women. Women owned business is on the rise but there is still a ways to go before women owned shares equality with men.

Let me be clear, I am not a feminist! I like the door opened for me and a gentle hand on my lower back guiding me through a room. I am however very much for equal recognition, pay and power in business. If you are qualified, male or female there should be no barriers because of gender.

Women Empowering Women

Statistics  show that men earn roughly .30 cents on the dollar more than women; and that number carries over in the world of hair as well. If you were to ask a group of people what gender dominated the beauty industry, the majority answer would be ‘women’. That answer would be WRONG, men most definitely dominate both in income earnings and in respect and recognition. We are here to change that. There are a lot of very talented and successful women in this wonderful world of beauty. And I will be writing featured blogs to introduce you to these hard working, dedicated and very talented group of women. Lets call this ‘women empowering women’ hairdresser style.

Let me introduce you to Stefania Buonomo

True Calling

Stefania was born in Italy, her family migrated to the United States in the 70’s which has proven to make the statement, ‘the land of opportunity’, a true statement for Stefania. She was headed toward a career in law but after spending a summer in a salon helping a friend; she realized her true calling. She says “I became absorbed by the art of beauty and the infectious happiness of clients after seeing how good they looked and felt.” It was then that the direction for her life changed and she’s never looked back.

Living in Rochester, NY Stefania trained with some of the great designers of hair. Once she was fully established she took another step to elevate her career and moved to NYC to become an assistant at Frederick Fekkai, which has 7 salons across the east coast and south, 3 of which are in NYC; very impressive indeed!

Changing Lives

After working with so many top designers she found her passion to be wellness and beauty, which is essentially the core of our industry and definitely what motivates sojourn beauty. For the past 15 years Stefania has run and owns her own salon, METRO SALON she has even developed her own organic line to support healthy living, mimo sevenMimo Seven is a natural skin care line that complies with nature and high vibrational ingredients which assist mind, body and soul to live consciously and fully.  Now that is a women owned business to be proud of and deserves serious recognition.


What keeps her passionate in this ever changing industry? Stefania has a deep desire to educate people on how to maintain balance with their hair, body, mind and soul. You can feel the passion she has for educating people on the importance of using products with non toxic ingredients; and how with great products and healthy rituals, balance on earth is more achievable. And who doesn’t want to live a more balanced life?

Daily Routine

Sojourn is Stefania’s number one selling hair care line in her salon and we are humbled and grateful. She says, “the pH balancing effect it has on hair is off the charts! I love it!!!”  When styling her clients she uses leave in detangling spray followed by thermal protect and her final finish on every client is texture soft wax (she calls this one a “HOME RUN”).

When asked how she feels being a woman in this industry: “It is wonderful, I wouldn’t want it any other way. There are so, so many incredible AMAZING talented woman in our industry! Why to this day mostly the men are the ones who get ultimate recognition? Why is there such an imbalance with this?”  Well, Stefania, we are taking the steps to change that! And congratulations on your successes and may you enjoy many more years doing what you are so very passionate about.

Thank you for letting us tell your story.

Keep your hair connected!

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