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Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

Valentines Day Hair 2018

Valentine’s Day Hair 2018 Ideas

At sojourn, we love Valentine’s Day. We believe in sharing love to all those around you who have influenced your life in some way. We also love trying out new hairstyles and wanted to give you some ideas for your day of love. In this post, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite hairstyles you can rock on Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy!

Short hair braid

Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

Rock this casual, easy half up, half down braided look. Great for short or long hair. Use sojourns texture root lift spray gel to add some extra texture or serum smooth for a finer look.

Side braid

Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

This side braid is an easy style to put together. Simple blow dry hair using texture soft wax  mixed with wet/dry volume gel to gain extra volume at your roots. Once dry braid to one side, pull out loose bits of hair for a softer look and use sojourns working spray to hold the look in place.

Half up half down with bun

Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

This look can be achieved by lightly curling the hair, use sojourn thermal protection spray and monoi oil to smooth out the ends. Grab hair from the front and pull it up into a bun.

Curly bun

Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

Use straighteners or a curler to create tight curls using sojourn texture molding paste. Spray with sojourns working spray, pull the hair into a high bun and pull out hair from the top and sides to create a bigger looking bun. Pull down some hair at the front to create a softer look. Give a final  spray with  sojourn working spray and your hair will look perfect all night!

High ponytail with side bangs

Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

Blow dry hair using sojourns texture root lift and thermal protection spray. Use a straightener or curling iron to create a nice wave. Pull hair into a high pony, pull out bangs and spray sojourn working spray to hold the look together.


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 Spread the love this valentines day.

Jess Kelmanson, January 2018

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