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Transition to your natural white hair from color: What to expect

When those first gray and white hairs start showing, it’s easy to pluck them out and ignore them. As they come in more fully, coloring might be the answer for a while. (Who wants to admit they are getting older?)

Truth is, according to Cosmo (, women as young as their 30s can start seeing white hair. By the time you’re in your 50s, about 50 percent of your scalp can get that salt-and-pepper look.

As pigmentation cells stop being produced, hair turns white. When seen with your normally colored hair, it appears gray or salt-and-pepper.

While there are a few steps you could take to try and battle the process – stop smoking, manage stress – Cosmo says it’s pretty much down to genetics on how early your tresses will make the transition.

But why? Time to ditch the dye and embrace the white – love yourself and  your hair!

Of course the fastest way to get that salt-and-pepper look is to get a short pixie cut. Your hair will blend naturally as it grows out. Put a tube of wet dry volume gel in your cart for that pixie cut. It provides a soft hold while allowing separation for textured styles.

But if you aren’t ready for a dramatic cut along with a new color, you can ask your professional Sojourn stylist to color it for you – silver or white, depending on your natural hue. The process can be long – and expensive – but worth it in the end. Always trust a professional when it comes to chemicals – do not try this at home.

One of the issues with gray or white hair with or without highlighted treatments is dryness.

Sojourn can help! As you head down your journey, pick quality shampoo and conditioners such as Sojourn SMOOTH, formulated with a unique protein silicone cross-polymer specifically designed to close the cuticle, smooth and recondition hair.

That’s a fancy way of saying Sojourn SMOOTH Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for transforming frizzy, fly-away or curly hair into a soft, flawlessly smooth and finished hair.

Follow up with the Sojourn Serum Smooth to restore vitality to even the most dry and damaged hair. The weightless, smoothing serum erases split ends, fly-aways, and frizzies, giving maximum shine and protection to any style for a perfectly polished and finished look!

According to Cosmo, Keratin (protein) is important for strong, healthy hair. You can get those from eating foods such as eggs and fish.

Sojourn Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner also contain an exclusive blend of Keratin Cashmere and Cysteine to penetrate essential amino acid nutrients deep into the hair’s luster.

A low pH (4.5-5.5) aids in closing the cuticle to restructure chemical bonds and return hair to its natural state for clean, beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair.

Follow up with Sojourn Monoi Oil, an ultra-light, yet deep conditioning treatment formulated for chemically treated, dry, frizzy and environmentally damaged hair. It absorbs instantly with no residue or build-up, for a clean, healthy, fresh look.

The Sojourn Team

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