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Blog with sojourn, hairstylist and owner of Sojourn Beauty. Learn about the latest hair and fashion trends, what’s hot, what’s not and how to solve everyday hair dilemma’s. Journey with us, keep your hair connected.

Valentines Day Hair - Sojourn Beauty

Valentines Day Hair 2018

Valentine’s Day Hair 2018 Ideas At sojourn, we love Valentine's Day. We believe in sharing love to all those around you who have influenced your life in some way. We also love trying out new hairstyles and wanted to give…

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It All Comes Down To PH

It All Comes Down to pH

Jasmine Garnsworthy recommends Sojourn in an article on explaining why it all comes down to pH. As the owner of ultrafine locks, I rotate between two hairstyles: Flat and limp, or dry and frizzy. I carry travel-sized dry shampoo in…

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Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair

Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair Let’s talk truth about Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair. Hair comes in all shapes, textures and dimensions; similar to people, no two are the same. The question is, how can you…

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breaking up with your stylist

As a client, have you ever seen your hairstylist outside the salon, like a grocery store and thought ‘I haven’t been back for an appointment in a long time and I’ve been to another stylist’; when you think they might see you, you do an immediate about face and practically run in the other direction. It’s like you broke up with your stylist and didn’t bother to tell them. You’re stylist is left standing there second guessing and speculating on what they did wrong. Do they not like me anymore, can’t even say hello?

What is it hairstylists do to make clients feel as if they have to sneak around to see another stylist? Breaking up with your stylist is not like having an affair…. Or is it??

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