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Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair

The tales of mermaids have been circulating for centuries and unicorn sightings are a mystical wish of almost any child. We know peacocks exist and those vibrant colors are breath taking. Why does this inspire me to write about mermaid hair?



What’s hot and trending in the world of hair?

Colors inspired by nature but not naturally created, like mermaid hair. Have you ever seen a peacock with its feathers raised, sun shining and all those beautiful bright blues, greens, and purples vibrantly displayed. I use to try to find peacock feathers when I was young, I loved the colors.

What about mermaids (mermaid hair)? Are they real or fairy-tale? Some mythologists believe they exist. Either way, the images that come to mind when I think of mermaids are vibrant; remember Ariel from “Little Mermaid”?

And than there are unicorns, (I believe in unicorns!) white with beautiful colors of pastel pinks and blues.

I must admit, I had grown tired of the ‘ombre’ and ‘balayage’ until these peacock and mermaid inspired colors started trending on hair. Did you ever think you would see so many of these colors in hair?  The craze has been exploding on  instagram, facebook and pinterest the stylists that do these colors know the truth about application and maintenance for these magical locks. Depending on the base color you are starting from, achieving these colors could be quite time consuming and require multiple steps. But if you are in to win and wear these colors know how to maintain these beautiful artificial tones.

We recommend using sojourn colour preserve shampoo, conditioner and sojourn thermal protect spray. These products have special UV protection which helps protect color from oxidizing and fading away. Styling with any of our styling products is also a sure way to protect your mystical head. pH balanced to skin and hair your cuticle will remain sealed keeping your color where it belongs, in your hair.

Next hot colors coming our way?

What do you think of when you hear the term holographic? I think of shimmery shine and pastel glowing reflections. This is a popular up and coming look. Think platinum, silver, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel purple. Again, know the truth about application for this look and know the truth about up-keep. Keep your hair hologram happy with sojourn serum smooth or if your hair is on the finer side sojourn monoi oil. These products are sure to enhance that holographic shimmer.

Sojourn may not make color, but we make products that are sure to keep your color looking fresh from the salon.

If you would like some advice on how to get these colors or what it takes to achieve and maintain such colorful expression, just click the round red support chat button below. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

If you are a creative stylist who has created some of these fashion colors, please share your before and after’s and tell us the steps involved. We love blog interaction.

Remember, shampoo for the hair you have, condition for the hair you want.

Keep your hair connected.

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