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Managing oily, greasy hair

 Managing oily, greasy hair


Read our tips on managing oily, greasy hair

How to manage oily, greasy hair

Have you ever wondered how to manage oily, greasy hair. If you are one who tends to produce more oil from your scalp than most; you most likely suffer with oily greasy hair. Living with this can knock self esteem and add stress to your days.  Not to worry, there are solutions.

What causes oily, greasy hair?

There is more than one reason someone might suffer from an oily scalp, causing greasy hair. What might that cause be? It could be an imbalance in hormones, puberty is a common cause, thyroid condition or it could be something you are doing that is causing this greasy mess.  The scalp naturally produced oil (sebum), which is necessary to maintain a healthy scalp and healthy moisturized hair. It is when the scalp starts over producing oil that is the problem; it could be as simple as the products you are using. Keep reading to learn how to cope.

The greasy grind

Did you know using products to remove the oil from you hair can actual cause your body to over produce sebum, making your hair immediately greasy again? It’s true, over washing or washing with products meant to dry your scalp can cause your body to kick in to overdrive and replenish what is missing in abundance. The thought pattern to over cleanse the greasy goo is logical, however, understanding how the body works tells us that if we remove what is suppose to be there, the body will over compensate and saturate to replenish the missing oil. And that’s when the greasy grind begins; a viscous cycle of serious sebum overload.

Stopping the greasy grind

Yes! There is a way to manage the greasy grind. You’ll have to trust me on this; there isn’t a one day overnight fix. Chances are this condition developed over time, so, it may take some time to bring balance back to that oily scalp. First, stop over cleansing; that’s right step away from that cleansing shampoo meant to strip the oil out of your hair. It isn’t necessary to wash your hair every day, in fact over cleansing, as I said above, can have an adverse effect. Next, use products that nourish, moisturize and keep the scalp balanced.  To keep skin and hair at it’s best, use products designed to nourish and enhance their natural pH.  Why is this important? pH tells us whether something is acidic or basic (alkaline); skin and hair are balanced when their pH is between 4.5-5.5. So using products that maintain this balance will tame that oily, greasy scalp to a normal healthy state.  And don’t be afraid to add a little moisture to that oily scalp; studies show if you use products that actually gently moisturize your hair and scalp, your sebaceous glands simmer down.


What are the greasy grind remedies?

Whether it is your hormones, puberty, thyroid or just bad choices in products, you will be relieved to know there are solutions to this sebum situation:

Use the right products

We recommend sojourn because these products have been scientifically proven to help heal the scalp and hair. Sojourn has been voted in the top three for best product and sustainable pH of 4.5-5.5; also a top pick by scientists for healing scalp conditions. Try sojourns shampoo and conditioner volume if you have fine hair. Or shampoo moisture and conditioner volume for course hair. Also, clarifying your hair one to two times a month is important. Use texture clarifying shampoo, this shampoo has a balanced pH of 4.5-5.5 maintaining the necessary balance for skin and hair while still giving your hair the cleanse it needs.

Volume Shampoo Conditioner Duoclarifying shampoo sojourn



Keep your fingers from fondling

Running your fingers through your hair can actually over stimulate sebum production. The more you touch, the more you stimulate sebum production, so hands down and hands off.

Rinse repeat

Make sure you rinse, rinse and rinse some more. It is important to rinse all of the product out of your hair and the best rinse is with cool water. Cool water helps to close your hairs cuticle and close the pores on you scalp, soothing and putting the sebaceous glands to rest.

Last step

Don’t be afraid to use styling products, just make sure they are products that will nourish not punish your head. We recommend wet/dry volume gel, texture root lift spray gel for styling and monoi oil (that’s right, oil); this is a non-greasy light weight moisturizing treatment helps maintain moisture and balance to your hair a scalp.

Try what we recommend for a few months and you will go from greasy to gorgeous.

Keep your hair connected.

Debbie Boulton: January, 2018

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