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Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair

Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair

Let’s talk truth about Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair. Hair comes in all shapes, textures and dimensions; similar to people, no two are the same. The question is, how can you embrace what you were given; thick, thin, coarse, curly or straight? Determining what type of hair you have and how to describe it can be confusing. For instance, you can have thick hair that is fine; you can have thin hair that is coarse; you can have textured hair that is thin and fine hair that is textured. But what does all this mean? (Help for Fine, Thin Hair)

Knowing your hair type is the first step in knowing how to care for your hair and keep it looking the best it can. Embracing that mane and accepting your hairs strengths and limitations is another step in keeping your hair on top form.

Identify your hair type

Identifying what type of hair you actually have can be a challenge if you don’t know much about the professional terms in the world of hair. What is the difference between thin hair verses thick hair? Thin or thick is determined by how many follicles you have on your head actually growing hair (hair density). Some people have a lot of follicles which means a lot of hair growing; creating thick hair. Thin hair is just the opposite, few follicles growing hair. The follicles are spaced further apart creating more space between each hair strand which means a thin head of hair.

Fine hair or coarse hair is determined by the diameter of the hair strand which can actually vary greatly. Some people have very fine hair like a piece of thread while others have a moderate hair diameter similar to string and than there are those with very coarse hair similar to twine.

Best Help for fine, thin hair 

Fine hair needs special care and fine, thin hair needs extra special care. A lot of hair care products for fine hair can be drying to the hair actually making it even more fragile. Hair is structured in layers; the outer layer is the cuticle which can open and close. Think of overlapping scales that are layered like shingles on a roof but are see through like glass. If the cuticle layer is in good condition the hair will look very shiny and lustrous and it is there to protect the cortex which is the next layer and main part of hair. The cortex is comprised of fibers that are tightly entwined, there is a lot of strength and flexibility in the cortex of the hair. The cortex is made of keratin, a protein that itself is made of cysteine (amino acid units). The third inner most layer is the medulla which doesn’t exist in all hair types.

Help & Answers for Fine, Thin Hair

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The goal to keep hair healthy and on top form, keeping the cuticle closed so it can do it’s job protecting the cortex. Fine hair requires products that won’t weigh the hair down or dry the hair out, making it vulnerable to breakage.

We recommend using Sojourn Shampoo and Conditioner Volume Duo and Texture Root lift Spray Gel for optimum volume shine and control.  All of sojourn shampoo’s and conditioners are created with Keratin and Cysteine, which as you read above is what your hair is made of. Hair actually dies as it grows away from the scalp, so the only way to nourish it is from the outside in. What could be better than replenishing your hair with what it’s originally made of?

Sojourn’s Shampoo and conditioner volume have special added ingredients specifically designed to plump up the hair strand, making the hair diameter greater which makes the hair feel and look thicker. Texture Root Lift Spray Gel is a light weight gel that gives all day hold and optimum volume.  Another plus side to the Sojourn collection is all of our products are pH balanced to skin and hair, which insures a healthy scalp, sealed cuticle and prevention of colour fading.

Best hair styles for fine, thin hair 

Finding a hair style for fine, thin hair can have it’s limitations but there are options that allow your hair to look fabulous. There is much to consider when determining hairstyles; face shape, hair growth patterns, hair texture and density. But, when dealing with fine thin hair we advise keeping your hair no longer than shoulder length and rounded layering can be just enough to create maximum fullness. Short and sassy is a good option as well; short hair can be sexy and easily a wash and wear look. Use Sojourn Texture Style Balm for a moldable all day hold.

Love what you have 

The best thing to do is accept what we are born with and embrace who we are. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat ourselves to a life that brings out the best in us.  Wake up every morning and take 10 deep breaths. Go to bed every night and write down 5 things you are grateful for and treat the hair you have with respect. Choose products that are good for your skin and hair, strengthen and replenish what the environment takes away but doesn’t harm the environment as it washes down the drain. We’d suggest using Sojourn, read about our 0% listings to find out more.

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