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Four Possible Reasons Why You Have Greasy Hair

One thing that can kill your mood is having a greasy head of hair. Greasy hair is a fairly annoying problem, and you may find it difficult to take care at times. No matter what the occasion may be, you won’t feel confident when your hair feels oily. Here are some reasons why hair gets greasy, so you might have a better understanding of what exact cause may be.

Touching your hair often.

In such a case, your head may not be over stimulated and secreting oil in your hair, because of too much touching with your hands. If you touch your hair, rub your hair, or even have somebody else feel your hair often, oils coming from the hands will easily get transferred in your hair. As you go about your day, try your best to keep your hands out of your hair.

Brushing your hair too often.

Like the rest of your skin, your scalp contains glands that produce oil. When you wash your hair repeatedly, it triggers a production of a type of oil called Sebum. And as you brush, this oil gets spread throughout your hair, making matters worse. If you scrub your hair too much during shampooing or styling, you will create more oil in your hair. We suggest our favorite shampoo for oily hair to reverse this trend.

Even washing your hair too often can cause your scalp to produce more oil. Why? Because the shampoo that you use to cleanse your scalp contains sulfate, and this eliminates natural oils. Your scalp reacts to this by producing even more oil to compensate for what has been washed away, causing your head to feel greasy again.

Using the wrong hair products.

Be wary of what hair products you use when you shower. Rather than using just any shampoo for oily hair, you might use shampoo for shine and moisture, which gives the hair and scalp the moisture it needs and prevents your body from over producing excess oil.

Be sure to also use conditioner, and use it properly. If you tend to produce extra oil from the scalp you may not need to apply conditioner to the scalp.Lather and massage the conditioner evenly through mid-length and ends to minimize the formation of oil.

Having dandruff.

Dandruff can cause your hair and head to become greasy too. Dandruff causes flaking and itching, and to remedy this irritating condition, use a soothing shampoo that is clinically designed to reduce dandruff.

Shampoos used to combat oily hair will not only soothe your scalp, but cleanse additional oil. The buildup of oil is controlled for the entire day, making your hair look healthy and silky smooth. Be sure to wash your hair no more than once a day, so that too much oil from hair care products doesn’t accumulate in your scalp.

Here are additional tips for dealing with greasy hair:

Stick to one of every type of hair care product. Use one shampoo, one conditioner, one hair shiner, etc. at a time. Do not alternate between two different brands or products, and do not mix products brands together to use on your scalp.

Hopefully now, you have an idea of what might be making your hair greasy.

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